Today has been such an eye opener, tough, but rough day for me. I went to school with such a heavy heart. I’m taking a Gender, Race, and Media class and the fact Hillary Clinton didn’t win really just hurt America as a whole… As I sat in class and expressed myself, my peers, my professor, and even Hillary all came to an agreement that we have to push forward and continue doing what needs to be done. As young people, women, and just individuals who are trying to make it in his world still have to respect that Donald J. Trump is going to be our next President. I felt if Hillary would’ve won… HUMUNGOUS doors and opportunities would’ve opened for women. With all the things I had to stand up for the twenty-one years I’ve been on earth…I can honestly say that as women we didn’t stand up and campaign and go hard for Hillary. I also feel we don’t respect one another whether it’s age, race, and gender. My cable has been off for the past five months so I wasn’t following the media due to a heavy schedule of working, going to school, and just focusing those things that mattered the most to me. Taking the bus, trains, walking to work, running errands the respect that young people have for authority is so low… Yet alone even women. 

My mother always said “There are more women than men.” I felt as if that’s so true and I learned that in a Marriage and Family course I took while I pursued my Liberal Arts Degree at Westchester Community College. With that being said, we as women need to come together more often instead of competting one another, hating, back-biting, and surround each other with love, peace, long-suffering, kindness, and most of all SISTERHOOD.


This weekend has really opened my eyes to realize what I have in store for me. Staying positive has been my mindset since I was young. I believe if you surround yourself with positive people you’ll get positive results. Many people have seen tremendous growth in my character -however- I’m still growing. I believe everyday is a new beginning, after all we sometimes tend to worry about the next day even though we’re in denial that tomorrow isn’t promised. 
I can actually say my dreams and aspirations are finally coming true! I will be attending my dream school this upcoming fall 16′ … Talking about excited ? You got that right! I believe if a person is really passionate about doing something that they really love, stick with it and make it happen!! If opportunities are in front of you take them right then and there! Why? Because that’s your time to shine! What happens to a dream deferred ? Someone else takes it perhaps? Before my mother died she told me “Kim stop telling people what you want to do… Just do it!” Certain things that your parents say will always stick to you… I can simply obey your parents at all times. 
Ephesians 6: 1 

Children, obey your parents in the Lord for this is right 


Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. As some of you know I lost my mom on October 27, 2015. THE MOST DRASTIC DAY OF MY LIFE! She would always say what are you going to once your six-feet under? It just so happened that I had to witness her going six-feet under… I would give and do anything to have her back but God knows best and he didn’t want her to suffer. As I stood at the burial in front of my family and close friends, reading an expert to release four doves, as soon as I slid the cage open the first dove hit me in my face… RIGHT THE AND THERE I KNEW THAT WAS MY MOM TELLING ME TO WAKE UP!


Since November 4, 2015 my life has changed within a blink of an eye. Taking on responsibilities that I thought I wouldn’t ever have the power to manage I am actually taking on. Life has a lot to offer, life is what you make it, and sadly life goes on WITH OR WITHOUT YOU… No one wants to face reality until things hit the fan. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary reality is defined as the true situation exists, a real event, an occurrence that’s basically real. I feel as if she’s still here existing on this earth but her spirit is and the soul never dies. There were things that my mom didn’t notify me about but she knew the truth it was just within herself. Once I found out it was too late.The biggest part was to realize that I have to accept this.She would always say you only have ONE mother. Her favorite song was “Dear Mama” by Hip-Hop artist Tupac. “There’s no woman alive that can take my mamma’s place. Those word’s were so true…

As I sit here and think of our last conversations it seems like she was sending little signals to prepared me for something. She would say things like “you know dancing is therapy, Kim don’t make the same mistake I did, You only have one mother.” The bond we shared was impeccable. I could tell her ANYTHING. Just like any other mother she knew me inside and out…she knew what would happen next because she was in my shoes once… and sadly I’m in hers now. She lost her mom when she was twenty and do did I. We would always say how funny it was that history repeats itself. I thought about she wouldn’t even get the chance to see me graduate college, to meet my future husband, nor her future grandchildren. As I mentioned earlier about me accepting the fact that she’s no longer on this earth I had to face reality…

Reality is an eye-opener. Imagine being up close to an owl in the night… gazing into its eyes… The wider the owls eyes opens the more of a shock reality becomes…






The Average College Student

There’s always that one student that thinks they know everything. Then you have students that participate every once in a while…then you also have students that don’t say nothing at all. I’m the student that participates every once in a while. Whenever I make a comment about a certain subject THE WHOLE ENTIRE CLASS LOOKS AT ME. I love the attention and I absolutely adore when the professor makes eye contact with me. I LOVE IT. But the average college student just wants to get a good grade and take the course because it was a requirement for their degree. They just want every class to be over with. They usually get 70’s on their tests. They just meet the mark to pass. Being a college student is a job itself. The average college student tries their absolute best on every exam, every assignment, and every presentations… but they still are considered an average college student.

Yesterday on October 21, 2015 I had a presentation and I had the ambition to do my best. I even made handouts to give the class an idea of what to expect in my presentation. I made sure that I made eye contact with everyone in the room. They were laughing at my real life experiences… and I had confidence that I aced this presentation. When he critiqued me in front of the class I asked if it was positive or negative. Mind you everyone else in the class received an “A”. My partner and I received a “B+”. I automatically started to cry once I got to my seat. I felt liked I put forth all that energy for nothing. My partner and I were the first group to receive a “B”. That’s a dang on shame. Then watch this the group that went after us received an “A+”. He even said before their presentations that he thinks highly of both of the students. As you can see that was favoritism. EVERYONE from class said that we deserved an “A+”. That just made me even wanted to go harder in my class. I felt just like “The Average College Student.”

I just pray that God can give me the guidance to seek him first. I also need God’s blessing to pass this class. Being a college student takes a lot of work and dedication. I mean Hey! college isn’t for everyone. I’m the type of person that loves to excel in everything that I do. I believe “The Average College Student” can work their way up to the “Best College Student.” If I’m talking to “The Average College Student” just believe in yourself and don’t let no one tell you that you can be “The Best College Student”. Peace, Love, and Blessings.

Hello,Yellow,Fellows 🌻

     The color yellow is such a significant color. It represents brightness, intelligence, and positivity to me. When you think of yellow you might imagine, smiley faces, the sun, a yellow cheese bus, lemons, corn, parking tickets joy dish washing liquid, and the list goes on and on… It makes me feel so happy. It’s as if the citrus from a lemon is bursting inside my body and the citrus gives an extra zing to my soul.
     I fell in love with the color yellow in the eighth grade… As soon as I got the permission to paint my room yellow, it was as if I already met the climax of my life. I understand that everyone has their own favorite color but almost every person has to deal with an object or any substance that’s associated with the color yellow.
     When you think of the color yellow what do you think the color tastes like. Automatically I think of lemon. While eating a lemon your sweet glands begin to pour out…your face tenses up… Your lips pucker together to form a funny face… Your eyes shut tight together. It’s sour! When the weather is beautiful…you ever try walking on the sand at the beach barefoot, trying to walk, but instead you run to the water to cool off? I love that feeling!
      During the fall time.. The weather is seldom it’s as if the weather is personified as being humble. We as human beings have to be humble in everything thing we do. It’s a process. The leaves fall off… We as human beings fall off. But it takes time to get right back up as if it was spring. Be bold…sometimes be quick to hold…and never let go of anyone who’s as precious as gold.